The Effectiveness of 4s’s Techniques To Physiological And Crying Duration Of Newborn

The Effectiveness of 4s’s Techniques To Physiological And Crying Duration Of Newborn

Erni Setiyorini
Pediatric Nursing STIKes Patria Husada Blitar
Blitar, Indonesia, 085645646666


For a hospital birth, there are numerouse routine procedures,  such as injection, blood sampling procedures and many other   which can administered. The procedures made newbon uncomfortable by pain then have impact to short and long term. Newborn express their pain in defferent  ways. Previous study  have  shown that newborn who experience many painful procedures may show changes to their behaviour in later childhood. The purpose of this study was determine the effect of 4s’s techniques on physiological responses and duration of crying after venous blood sampling.
We conducted a prospective, post test only control group design. Newborn consist of 46 samples, were divided   into 2 group, 23 samples control group with 1s’s technique and 23 samples treatment group with 4s’s technique. The data collected by accidental sampling at November 2014 by observation sheet. Data Analysis used T-Test and Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test.
Result showed that 4S’S technique had effect on physiological responses on pain (heart rate with p=0,004, respiratory rate with p=0,000, temperature with p=0,000) and on duration of crying with p=0,001).The 4s’s technique decrease pain on newborn with physiological responses indicator  and decrease length of crying.



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