Using Facebook to Improve Students’ Writing Skill

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Using Facebook to Improve Students’ Writing Skill

Wahyu Wibisono
STIKes Patria Husada Blitar


This research was intended to apply facebook as the media to solve the problems in writing class of the fourth semester of nursing students. The design used in this research was collaborative Classroom Action Research. The researcher used several instruments; such as observation checklist, field notes, and writing prompt. The finding showed that by using facebook, the students could make their writing product better than when they were taught by using traditional grammar translation method. This result could be seen from the data, in terms of the students’ individual writing product, in preliminary research, the number of students who passed the minimum passing grade (64) were only 2 students (9.09%). In Cycle 1, 22 students (100%) could pass the minimum passing grade (64). The improvement was due to the use of facebook as the media in teaching writing. It showed that by creating a discussion in facebook group, students had the opportunity for multi-level interaction with both the lecturer and other students. Students could also receive instant feedback on their writing. Consequently, students became more motivated in terms of in-class discussion and offered opinions since they were accustomed to express their idea through facebook group discussion.

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